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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Remembering Rabindera Nath Tagore on 150th Birth Anniverssary: Bhagat Singh picks up the following basic concept

Bhagat Singh Jail Note Book page 38

"Capitalism  and Commercialism"

Rabindra Nath's address to an assembly of Japanese students:
 You had your own industry in Japan; how scrupu|ously honest and true it  was, you can see by its products - by their grace and strength, their
 conscientiousness in details where they can hardly be observed. But the  tidal wave of falsehood has swept over your land from that part of the  world where business is business and honesty is followed merely as the  best policy. Have you never felt shame when you see the trade
 advertisements, not only plastering the whole town with lies and
 exaggerations, but invadlng the green fields, where the peasants do their  honest labour, and to hilltops which greet the first pure light of the mornlng?
  . . . This commercia|ism wlth its barbarity of ugly decoratlons is a terrible  menace to all humanity, because it is setting up the ideal of power over the perfection. It is making the cult of self-seeking exult in lts naked  shamelessness. Its movements are violent, its noise is discordantly loud.  It is carrying its own damnation because it is trampllng lnto distortton  . . . the humanity upon whlch it stands. It is strenuously turning out  money at the cost of happiness . . . The vital ambition of the present  clvllisatlon of Europe ls to have the excluslve possession of the devil.