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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rare Hand Written Note by Shahid Bhagat Singh 1929

These notes were taken by Shahid Bhagat Singh in prison in 1929 much before the notebook was made available to him. This is being published first time.

Page 1.

Two deaths are impossible but one is unavoidable. (the same is written in oblique on right hand corner)

American Gold reserve 900 million pounds

England Gold reserve 150 " " only

Page 2

Cash Only
1. Due to Smith pound 10,000 Loan to Joan pound 10,000

2. Due to Smith pound 10,000 Cash in hand pound 10,000
Notes outstanding 10,000 Loan to Joan 10,000

3. Due to Smith pound 10,000 Cash in hand pound 10,000
Notes outstanding 40,000 Loan to customers 40,000.
-------- --------
50,000 50,000


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