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Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Martyrdom of Shaheed Mohammad Singh Azad ( Udham Singh) the last message he gave in court

[ This is the copy of the note by Martyr Mohamad Singh Azad ( Udham Singh) When judge did not allowed him to read in full he tore it and threw. It was picked up by British police and rebuilt by putting the pieces together.

After publicly protesting on behalf of Indian people and punishing Sir Michel O'Dwayer ,of Jallianwala Bagh notoriety ,The name announced by the protester was Mohammad Singh Azad . British Imperialists immediately understood the message given by him through his name. British Imperialist bureaucracy noted " This particular name gives out his belief that India's freedom can only be achieved if there is communal unity." It was further noted that ," This name will arose the sympathy of Mussalams too." Hence black out this name as well as the message imbibed in it, censorship was imposed.
Are not we still part of that conspiracy against propogation of His Message which he wrote for us with his blood.
  On the change of his name Our great martyr said ,"Don't try to change my name what so ever." Because the name had the message of unity and communal harmony of the time of Jallianwala Bagh Massacare.
Was not the communal harmony and unity which made the imperialists mad? 
  As a special tribute please find here  the original note and its partial text .This is the note which MS AZAD (Udham Singh) wanted the jury and the world to know but judge did not allow him to read in full. The text of the note he last read in Court just before the passing of death Sentence.
Note on documents brought into Court by Udham Singh alias  Mohammed Singh Azad
(We are thankful to Dr Navtej Singh and Mr. Avtar Singh Johal to make these documents available) editor ]
on 5.6.40.
  This sheet is written entirely in English and reads as follows:
     British terrorism in India. What the Indians got from Britain  going to India. If we help the British we get the same thing what they gave as after last war.    Modern guns and bombs will be used against the Innocent  people of India and we know thousands will be killed merciless  by the British beast Lion. India has been made a slaughterhouse, is brutality - beastly, bullying, fraudulent plunder and cunning. Many blood - thirsty English mad dogs in India. India had seen no British Kindness, only the (?) slavering, English beast, killing, mutilating, destroying. The violent and brutal English interfere in India public, cultural, economic and social life, accompanied by the most brutal and incredible, physical persecution. Our way is not war with Germany and Russia but with Britain. They will be ruthless and merciless to the Indians. These miserable, misguided youth who will see no evil in the British TYRANNY, who will close their ears to the death cries of the slaughtered Indians. The British convert our country into prison and a hell. Many political prisoners in India are beaten, tortured and humiliated. Many women had their hair violently pulled and brought into the street where they were insulted and sharp instrument inserted into their bodies. Many went mad at the sight. Many died under the torture blow of the English blood bath, many had their faces mutilated, even their eyes taken out. We must see to it that this time English history of Barbarism is ended.  
      A 150 years English terrorism in India has shown it is impossible for the British to crush the Indian people. I did this to protest and uphold my country right even though I die. My greatest wish has not been fulfilled to see my country free again.
    I would rather die for the cause of my people than live in misery under the British terrorism. I nor my people was not born in this world to be ruled by the English Imperialism.  India will rise again.
    We are up against a creed of the Devils. Down with British Bandits and their dirty Chamberlain govt. Give him hell. He is nothing but a mad dog. (Invited in India - a tradesman - Not to   look after us).
     I as a son of India and a tiller of the soil of my native home  has looked upon British Rule as something that is cruel and  detrimental to the lives of the Indian people.
      The (?) practices of the big Linowners (Landowners) and   owners of India which own and control the industry of my country is vital and distasteful to me and my countrymen in so far   as they take the products of my country for to satisfy their own just and greed at the same time depriving the workers of the right  to live and enjoy the wealth of their lands.
       These same ruler of India enjoy the very highest standard of life at the expense of the people of India, not caring to help the country in any way, for example in the building 0f schools or the   raising of the education amongst my people.
      Requests and appeals by the Indian people as a whole has   been sent to the King Emperor of India and his government and   have had no effect upon them. Therefore the time has come when   the people of India must stand up and show those vultures of  British Imperialism that no longest (sic) must they bleed and deprive the people of my beloved land but use and utilise the  products and profits of the country for the benefit of the peoples without class or creed prejudice.
    [ This is a medley of English , Gurmukhi  and  Urdu . It  concludes with the words used by Udham Singh when he   addressed the Court and which were interrupted by the Judge.
      The first few lines consist of a poem in Urdu, which is signed  'Bawa', this being the name by which he was commonly known   to his associates. The following words of this
poem have been  deciphered.]
पंजाबी कविता बाद विच दिति जावे गी

      O God! into what hardships have the people of India fallon!
 Our guests have begun to exercise oppression over us Let the enemies sland on our heads, the dagger be poised at our  throats_.
     The times are all gone wrong and oppression has appeared before our sight!
      Further down appears the following in Urdu:
     Hither to God has not changed the condition of that nation   which has no idea of (impending) change.
    There follows a stanza of a Gurmukhi poem on Indian martyrs. The words 'Bhagat Singh', 'Dutt', 'Tilak' and 'Lajpat', all  well known figures in Indian national struggle, appear in this  poem.
     Next come a few words in English :
      I am not afraid to die. I am proud to die for such a glorious  cause to help to free my native land and I hope when I am gone  that in my place will come thousands of my countrymen to drive  you vultures until you not only free our country but also clear to  hell out of it.
      The first few words of this tirado the prisoner shouted from  the dock when sentence of death was about to be Passed.
     Sheet ''B'' concludes with the following violent attack on  British rule in India:
      I anticipate and hope for the downfall of Brltish imperialism  by which India would automatically be freed, for Hitler and Stalin  would not take India even if given to them.
     Long live Mahatma Gandhi and Subash Base. Down with the  British democracies, VIVA INDIA. Down  with Britain. Down  with the British democracies, Indians do not have peace. What we  have got is slavery. Greedy British English. For generation your  so called civilization has brought forth everything (?) fifihy and  degenerate known to the human race. It's not for me to point out  or debate on any one particular point. All you have to do is to read  your history and if you have any human decency about you – you  would die with shock. The brutality and blood-thirsty way in  which the so-called inteIlectuals which call themselves the rulers  of civilisations. in other words the bastard blood bound class (?)which have in the past and do at present torture the unprivileged   classes is

.............. These are the so-called rulers who have......  the machine guns on the streets of India and without hesitation or  the least sign of mercy mowed down thousands of poor women and children. In any part of the world wherever your rotton so  called flag of democracy and Christianity files you will find only  guns, blood, starvation. and filth of the lowest grade. The day has  come when the murderous blood-thirsty dogs of Britain must not   Interview with Indians .......... but no pay - India Office - told me to enlist - Anglo-French Ambulance Unit and thousands of similar   tricks in India.
      At this point the following is inserted.
      Saw several men dying in Lahore .......... and men behind   them were beaten to death - a real hell - British prison (The diary   is here resumed)
      14.(i.e. 1914).......... 117 men still in prison and firing at  Budge Budge.
     21.(i.e.1921) Nanakana Sahib 200 men killed.
         30. (i.e. 1930)..........
      33. (i.e. 1933) .......... women outraged and shots fired.
      Note : Budge Budge was the scene of a riot near Calcutta in  which members of the Ghadr Party were involved in 1914.
      At this point the following is interpolated in Eng|ish.
      Just telling Britain to mind her own business and get out of  India.
      Then in Gurmukhi:
      really protest _ Indians are being .......... thousands Of Indians    will again be killed as in

the Iast war.
 ........... 1938 in England a   false case was brought against me. It cost me £900. MY motor car  was confiscated. I was removed from my employment, and after  five months the case was stopped.  Jury stop the case.
       In the left-hand bottom corner appears the following:
           1 .My name changed
         5.The Old Bdiley
       Note : The above points apparently represent his grievances.
       On the back of Sheet ''C'' the diary is resumed :
       37. (' e. 1937) _.~.~ Interview .„._.~30r 4 weeks _._..
   (took me outside in the month of ..........)
        38. (i.e.  1938) Met Moola through Col. Appleby, Cheltenham    took Moola and ..... to Brighton and Bognor .... and at 90* clock..
       39. (i.e. 1939) Moola's (?) letter arrived and I met ..........     Windsor Staines and (?) Calif of England - to go to America
   .......... he and his son .......... Commissioner - San Francisco if you  are keen on Government service .......... game me his address and   said that I shall go to Devon on the 13th June .......... called me
  ....... king's bodyguards.
      On the 5th I met .......... asked for help, and on the 5th went to a meeting but met nobody. If anybody had met me perhaps things would never have reached this pass. I did not know that he was going to the meeting, so on the 13th I did not go to the meeting specially for this purpose.
      Note : In the margin this is marked 'important'.
         Col. Appleby .......... Glasgow  and Blackpool ..........  and   every evening went for a walk, and Weston-Super-Marc Atlantic  Hotel, Cheltenham - Queens Hotel .......... Mary Hotel - everyday used to take (me) for a walk.
      Sheet ''C'' concludes with the following words in English:
     Black Englishman .......... Indian the  some for the foreign  Govt. Downtrodden and the oppressed people of India (some  words then crossed out) we are fighting for our Iives and our  liberties and we could not allow the British vultures. Indians are  tired of living under British tyranny. Death or freedom – within  a year after end of the war.
 Sheet ''D'' Page 502
     This sheet is headed "National Hymns". It begins as follows:
      The motherland cannot remain fore over a slave chamber: she  will be free: the time has come.
     In the margin is the following:
     Dear Gandhi, star of the Nation, free the motherland; Old  man, young men and infants are weeping; do you free them.
    What follows is a succession of compositions, mostly  political written at various times, in Urdu and Gurmukhi. One of  them appears to be a transcript of the famous poem
"Hindustan  Hamara'' by the late Punjabi  poet Iqbal.


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