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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stephan Hawking reiterate the scientific view held by Bhagat Singh about "life"

Remember the words by Shaheed Bhagat Singh 
" ' Belief' softens the hardships ,even can make them pleasant. In God man can find a very strong consolation and support. Without Him man has to depend upon himself. 
To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not a child's play. At such testing moments , vanity - if any - evaporates ,and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs . If he does ,then we must conclude that he has got some other strength than mere vanity. "
Bhagat Singh reiterate the scientific truth as stated by Stefan Hawking too, " I know the moment the rope is fitted round my neck and rafter removed from under my feet ,that will be the final moment - that will be the last moment."

So what this life view want us to do . Stefan Hawking has very rightly emphasized , "The need is to fulfill our potential on Earth by making good use of our lives. "


  1. Hands off to shaheed bhagat singh ji.we all have to move on the same path which is followed by our great martyr.

  2. Bhagat Singh was absolutely right. Stephan Hawking has proved that there is no GOD. That's what Bhagat Singh said. God is invented by man. I salute Bhagat for speaking the truth.

  3. Very true. The concept of God, as manufactured by man, has outlived its utility.