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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Contemporary poster widely circulated ,showing how high was placed Sh B K Dutta among his compatriot martyrs.

The poster captioned as AZAD Mandir built around Shaheed Chader Shekhar Azad , along with four Martys of Kakori, Raj Guru and Sukhdev ,along Bhagat Singh and at top is Martyr Jatindernath Das, who sacrificed after 63days of hunger strike. (This is being scientifically preserved by Our friend M Bugi sahib from Pakistan.)


  1. thanks very much to those peoples who gathering such nice information about these great martyrs...young generation should follow these guys if they want to make their country perfect..Inqlaab Jindabaad...

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  3. Wonderful website. My name is Amarjit Singh Gulshan and myself and a partner are working on abook specifically for an American audience about Bhagat Singh. We would like to link our blog to yours.

    If you are ok with this, we can trade links. Thank you.

  4. Thanks a lot for presenting this information before the generation which did not see these martyrs.

  5. Thx to provides Important Informations about Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Jee.

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