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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Letter of Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan to Sister of a Copatriot Sh Sachinder Nath Bakshi

 A letter written by Ashfaq Ullah Khan 'Warsi' to his comrade, Sachinder Nath Bakshi's sister three days before his martyrdom

Condemned Cell
Faizabad Jail
My dear didi

I am going to the next-world, where there is no worldly pains and there would not have to struggle for a better life. Where, there will have death or mortality. I am not going to die but going to live forever. After comrade Bakshi's release, say my love with regards to him and tell him that I breathed last with a firm mind and cheerful heart. The last day is Monday. If you could get an opportunity, you may have interview for the last. If circumstances are not favourable then I depart from all of you forever. Accept my last Bande.... let me pass away. You will come to know afterwards that how I die. May God be with you, with all His blessings. My B.C.1 to Baba2 and love to Savetri3, Gaur4, Kanoo6 and other children and Bandey7 to Nepal8. B.C. to all my elders and love to the youngers. It is my desire to see you all once more in my life. You may come if possible. I think of God and feel not for me. Let Bakshi know about me. I regard you as my sister and you would not forget me. Be cheerful I am dying like Heroes.
Md. Ashfaq Ullah Khan 'Warsi'
B.C. to all

My Dear Didi
c/o Mr. Kalidas Bakshi
f/o S.N. Bakshi
Mohalla Pataleshar
1 Bandey Charan
2 Father of Sachinder Nath Bakshi
3 Daughter of eldest sister of Sachinder Nath Bakshi
4 to 6 Sons of eldest sister of Sachinder Nath Bakshi
7 Bandey Matram
8 Younger brother of Sachinder Nath Bakshi


  1. Thanks for doing this great job of bringing such docs to light. Vandey Mataram !

  2. salutations to the great soul

  3. Truly great work they had bookstore is having more books about them!!

  4. it join us in rehabilitation of our heroes descendant families contact for sending your contributions come fwd dont only blame govt we r to blamed for this....

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    the nature of call to the service of the nation may have been transformed profoundly; the quality of objectives may well be different; but the sense is the same, of giving altruistically. Given that we encounter hypocracy, cynicism, selfishness, intellectual dishonesty, corruption in abundance and ideology as well as leadership is scare, the heroes of our time need mental endurance much more than physical strength.”
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    Eight years ago when Bharat Ratna Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan had to give a charity show for his own cause at the winter of his life, Shivnath and his wife did a book on the Ustad – Monograph on Ustad Bismillah Khan – that was launched by him five month before he took his last breath on August 21, 2006.
    In 2007, Jha found Vinayak Rao Tope (54), a fourth generation descendant of Tatya Tope, martyr of the 1857 uprising. Vinayak Rao Tope, his wife Smt Saraswati Devi and three children were living in penury in Uttar Pradesh’s Bithoor village. Vinayak ran a small grocery shop.
    In January 2009, Jha discovered the sad plight of Sultana Begum, the great grand daughter-in-law of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Sultana lived in a Howrah slum and ran a tea stall to make ends meet.
    In April 2011, Jha met Jeet Singh, the grandson of Udham Singh, the freedom fighter who shot dead Michael O’Dwyer, the British Lieutenant Governor of colonial Punjab. O’Dwyer had endorsed General Reginald Dyer’s Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Jeet Singh works as a labourer at a construction site in Punjab.
    mr Jha couple did four books and provide a dignified, if not luxurious, life to the descendants Tatya Tope, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Udham Singh.