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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shaheed Bhagat Singh's Letter to Sister of Sh B K Dutt

    Stamped 17 July1930                                Central Jail
Dear Sister,
    Yesterday Battu himself wrote a letter informing you not to come here till you receive his letter. Battu was transferred yester night to some other jail. Upto this time we are quite in dark about his destination.Anyhow I would earnestly request you not to leave Banaras for Lahore. His separation is unbearable for me too.It is only today that I feel quite perplexed and every moment has become a burden. Really it is very hard to be separated with a friend more dear than my brothers. Any how we must bear all patiently . I will request you to keep courage. Do'nt  to stress. Something good will come out of it all.
                                                      Yours    Bhagat Singh

This letter was written to Shmt Promila Devi sister of Sh Bhatukeswar Dutt  from Central Jail Lahore on his transfer from that jail. It is worth noting that the Lahore Consipiracy case was withdran against him to weaken the solidarity   of Bhagat Singh and B K Dutt . This showed the panic the two had created in the minds of British rulers, who always feared that they together can create a situation which could shake their consipiracy of disposing off the revolutionary key persons.



  1. the great great martyr bhagat sigh, you are the inspiration for all youth. may your soul rest with peace. jai hind.

  2. the great martyr Bhagat Singh,You are the inspiration for me and all indians till end.May your soul rest with peace.

  3. Dheera Viplavakari Shaheed Bhagat Singh Great Martyr Inspiration for Generations

  4. Whenever i read any article and watch any video on Shahid Bhagat Singh. I feel him in my breathing, I donot know why?. Since my childhood i have been liking his views and thoughts.

    He was the great martyr freedom fighter of India.

    My self Bhupender Singh

  5. I named my son after the great leader and inspiration to many Bhagat Sinsgh. Long live Bhagat Singh sacrifice. He is in our every breath..

  6. jai hind friends our country will be great if we posses atleast 10 % of spirit and values ......may allah bless your soul and may you live for ever sir

  7. He was real hero of our nation, he was great martyr. He is still alive in us. Salute...

  8. Mera rang de basanti chola, Mera rang de basanti chola. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Amar rahe.