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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Special on Birth Centenary of B K Dutta ( What was their psychology ,read the article by Sh B K Dutta : PART1

What were these revolutionaries boys made up of ?, who at the age of 18 and 21 could dare the most powerful British Empire with its unlimited "Satanic" power. Bhagat Singh said the biggest challenge is of Ideas ,put on the anvil with all the force and youthfulness ready to sacrifice all for these.
Here is an article by Sh B K Dutta written around 1960, about the life philosophy of Revolutionary young men. It is a quite concidence that B K Dutta started his revolutionary journey from Delhi on 8th April 1929 with big bang in the central assembally ( Current Parliament house) along with Bhagat Singh, and finally had his last day on 19th July 1965 in All India Medical & research Institute and finally meeting his compatriots at Hussainiwala in cremation.
Here is the article read it must : Here are first three pages . Next three pages follows in the next post

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